Located on Penghu island, Islander Inn is a multi-purpose space created by local people. This space allows travellers' experience not limited in the accommodation, but to joint local industries, to arouse interactions between local people and travellers, and to build up a micro-community.
Penghu (also known as Pescadores Islands) is an archipelago of 97 islands and islets in the Taiwan Strait. With the rich cultural history, diverse natural sceneries, and hospitable islanders, Penghu is the archipelago that connects the people, nature, and memories. In the past, the touristic impression of Penghu is mostly about the ocean and water activities. Islander Inn hopes that by utilising the enthusiasm and aestheticism of the local guides, visitors would find themselves immersed in the unique seasonal scenic, the local living experience, and connected with the land.

The wayfinding system and icon set.

For the visual identity, we temped to connect the sense of touch and vision of this island. It is the core of visual communication for Islander Inn — Explore living by being present and caring about the local environment. Five illustrations are made in a historical style, with a hint of humour, to represent the optimism of islanders. 

Postcards that inspired by Penghu people, nature, and the culture.

Qǐ guī (Turtle Granting)— a particular Daoism celebration during Lantern festival in Penghu echoes the sea turtle that divers pursue.
The house— The wind-dried fishes leaning on the iconic architectures surrounded by walls of coral rocks. 
The edible cactus— Seemingly irrelevant desert plants with the snorkelling equipment show the geographic characters of Penghu. 
The fisher— Local Penghu people's practical outfit meets rich and fertile seafood produces.
Whale Rock— Stunning Whale-like basalt formation, mother nature crafted with the wind, water, and time. The imaginary tail completes the picture in everyone's imagination. 
We aim to build up the connection between this beautiful land and the brand, purely inspired by local surroundings.   
As everyone's thoughtful guide, Islander Inn features various on-site service. From an indie bookshop, makers market, traveller inn, rental residency, to travel planning service, Islander Inn provides all of above on site. 
Whoever comes here as a visitor, or as a returnee, Islander Inn is everyone's second home.
The traveller who does not give a cursory glance, but desires to experience local life in depth will find themselves home in Penghu. Here they find belongingness, make a connection with this land, and explore living.
Brand identity, illustration & virtual photography by Color Shih
Plan & execute by REC Design 

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