Building 515 is where Diploma/ Advanced Diploma/ Associate Degree of Graphic Design locate in RMIT Brunswick Campus. The building has jointed with Building 516 which belongs to Fashion Design department. In this project, I was asked to design a set of icon, which will help first-comers to navigate their way. 
Icon Drafts
Using the dot grid helps me to make sure the consistency of the line length and the angles of the corners. At the beginning, I felt a bit challenging to complete the whole set with the same visual style, and at the same time, it should also match the aesthetic style of the existing RMIT visual identity.    

The initial version of the vectorised icon set
The mentor suggested me to utilise the dot throughout the set, and also pay attention to the consistency of thickness. The next step, I also introduced the other geometric shape to this set, and I thought that it will make this icon set fit well with the RMIT logo. 
The final design of Building 515 icons
The outcome will be made of laser-cut acrylic, and the clear acrylic parts would support the floating strokes.   
A timelapse clip recording how I built the scene in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Dimension. 

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