Long ago, there was a girl who shaved her eyebrows without regret or complain. I started a project recording various looks that a pair of eyebrows could have.
This one-month project is still in progress.
Day1. Second-pair-eye brows
Day2. The memory of Leonard Nimoy
Day3. Without a hair, there can be no brows
Day4. Three-mouth brows
Day5. Reusable-cut-what-you-like brows 
Day6. Dot-by-dot brows
Day7. 3-D brows
Day8. Rubber brows - inspired by Rubber (the film, 2010) 
Day9. anti UV and waterproof tent brows
Day10. Modigliani painting brows
Day11. Bling-bling artificial brows 
Day12. 白目潭(looks like 日月潭 Sunmoon lake), Lake park brows
Day13. Crossover brows  BlindMoodShauNu X Ni,Jui-Hung
Day 14. Suntanned brows
Day 15.  清湯掛麵(qingtang guamian) brows - 清湯掛麵 in Mandarin means women who don't pursue trend and money hard
Day 16. Face-to-face Velcro brows 
Day 17. Animation brows
To be continued....

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