In one of the uni assignments, we were asked to select one theme of Melbourne urban life for a placemaking client. My choice of the scene is farmers' markets in Melbourne.  
I am so in love with famers' markets. People, the community, and the colourful harvests. All of them just inspired me a lot.
To do this project, I visited two of the Sunday farmers' markets in suburbs : Alphington Farmers' Market and Kingsbury Drive Community Market. Photographed some reference photos and illustrated them with Sharpies markers.  (Big thanks to my peers in the class endured the distinctive smell)    
Once get some drawings done, I scanned them and brought them into Photoshop to experiment with compositing. Here is the final outcome for the submission.  
Out of the class, I would like to take this project further: A real product. After taking 2 hours risography workshop with amazing Tree Paper Comics in Melbourne, I produced a 3-colour risographic version of the illustration and printed them on 250gsm Enrivocare paper. 

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