During my study in RMIT, in one of the class we were asked to research one of the graphic designers or studios, which is significant in some way. I chose Chip Kidd as my subject, and here is the development.
As Chip Kidd is a well-known book jacket designer, the best resolution for me is to design a book with as many covers as it can. So this booklet would be a book with 14 foldable covers. 
The quotes of Chip have huge resonance for me, hence, I start this booklet with one quote  reflecting to book jacket design:
Book is one of the few luxuries 
we can still afford. 
Chip Kidd
Some of the cover designs reflect what I have learnt from him publications. For example, in Go: A Kidd's Guide to Graphic Design, he mentioned one of the method is to make things big (or small). Therefore I used one the his photos from the internet as a material. 
The inner expanding cover would be full of my favourite quotes from Chip Kidd. To make more sense, one of the backgrounds has the effect from the front greasy page.
The inserted page is a comic interview, which I referenced one interview in Conversations from Penn State on Youtube.
The image for the cover of This is a book. was a book-hole which made of real pages from a college novel by Chip. This novel, The Cheese Monkeys, was tightly written in two semester. I reckoned it would be an interesting connection as I tempted to finish a booklet about this iconic designer in ... 5 weeks of the semester?! 

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