The final animation. For a non-audio version, please see the gif at the end of this page :)
In this task, we were asked to create an illustrative work both for print and animation on social media. The client, The Push, is a Victorian organisation which aims to recruit young people to the music industry, as an audience or an artist. The target audience is 12-25 years old youths (mostly 15-16) who love music. The outcome will be used in print and an animated version publishing on Instagram’s story feature since social media is the main path young people get event information from.

The story board of the first approach
In the initial version, I was aiming for the summer beat and vibrant colour palette. Using yellow and blue to grab attention. But the outcome didn’t meet the brief. Hence, I restarted the storyboard, and focus on music elements more (ie. a turntable)
To make this turntable have a quirky, handmade feel, I intentionally cut the edge unevenly, so the viewer can observe the motion easily.
Considering the platform would be social media (ie.Insta Story), it is very important to grab attention at one glance. Hence I chose yellow and green (also implying Australia) with purple to apply a split complementary colour scheme. From my early research and mood board, hand integrated illustration adds some human flavour to the flat illustration. Also, I suppose that it is appropriate to encourage the audiences to get involved in hands-on workshops. 
I used Stop Motion Studio to make the animation.
Interesting fact: In terms of the audio editing (watch on Vimeo), I was looking for the sound effect of turntable operating on 0CC sound effect sites. But It was challenging to find an ideal sound, so I end up using a sound of capsule coffee machine. With a bit of sound editing, it is close enough!
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