This brand design was commissioned by Hotel de Trianon in Taitung to the company I used to work for. From their CIS, their signboard, the promotion material for their events to the visuals of their website, I was in charge with every aspect of the design, a rare opportunity to get when working for a company, which helped me improve my communication skills. 
Photo by Play Lee
And meanwhile, the website was developing.
The single-page design provides user-friendly browsing to the travelers.
I added elements of Taitung among the French streets sceneries, like the hot air balloons from the Taitung Hot Air Balloon Festival.
Because a single-page website could have been monotonous, we animated a few elements, like the flickering lights of the loft windows and the moving sign at the entrance of the website.

The traffic info map also includes icons for hotspots and recommended restaurants. Mousing over them makes their information appear.
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