In 2013, I started collaborating with Taiwanese photographer Chen-Long Ho on these series of photographies Blind Mood Shao Nu.
The pronunciation of Blind Mood is similar to that of baimu, which, in Mandarin, relates to the action of rolling one’s eyes, and in Taiwanese, its original language, is a slang meaning incognizant and blockhead.
Unlike the average model/photographer relationship, where the first is usually passive, our relationship is based on team work: I came up with the concept of eye-rolling, which mocks the posturing of a certain kind of beautiful girls on the Internet ("Internet beauties"). 
For the first series of photographies, we focused on strange atmospheres and on producing a sense of conflict by integrating crowds. The location is one of Taipei’s hot spots for “Internet beauties” photography. 
Photography by Smallmin Ho
Concept, modeling by Colorful Shih (Shih Jia Wun)
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