A person holding democracy sausage with the ballot instead of white bread.
Democracy Sausage for me is an Australiana which amuses me a lot as a foreigner. Back home, in Taiwan we also have such a thing in some political assemblage where you could see street vendors, typically sausage, gather for earning. But here the whole sausage thing goes wild and big! We have Democracy Sausage map online and snap lens on social media to show their contribution/participation of the society. Hence I choose this theme for my Australiana topic.  
I chose an analogous colour scheme with different shade will minimise used colour, but still create contrast in highlight and shadow. I also aim for an on-trend retro touch. 
From the first rough, I recreate a more detailed version and traced a refined layer on the top. Then by using textured brush, the hierarchy is defined. Tomato sauce will be the answer to authentic democracy sausage sauce. That’s why I chose red as the hight-light colour. Then I looked up some political illustrations on the press in the past, hand-draw and point-nib line are observed in this scenario. Therefore a quirky, vintage mood is also what I was aiming for. 

Few attempts to imply the election theme, numbers will help! And I tended to use texture to outline the sign just slightly from the negative space but still sitting within subtly.
The outcome have been published to Adobe Stock. It would be ideal to use in the social-focused blog.

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