Here comes to my school project of Adobe Illustrator, in this project, we were asked to create an accurate illustration of an architectural structure, utilising fills and gradients in Adobe Illustrator.
For this task, I chose one of the most inspiring architecture in my dreamland- the Netherlands. 
My first time to meet this amazing house was in a train towards Zaanse Schans. This Rubik's-cube-like building caught my eyes, and then I decided I will come back to visit for it. In 2014, I went back and spent one night at Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Zaandam, and did several drawing during my journey including this building. (see the project : Postcard illustration
To make it more complex and challenging, we have some colour rules:
*No more than three channels per colour swatch. They should add up to no more than 320% for this job.
*Try using nothing less than 10% in any one channel.
*All swatches set to global and named
*All swatches must be in process colour
*Use rounded numbers, i.e. 87%, not 86.83%
*No more than two channels used in thin strokes (less than 1pt) and type, one channel should be >80%, ideally 100%.
*It's okay to use small percentages for fills, e.g. 30% yellow would be okay but not for strokes.
The whole process was more intense then I thought. Before I started this illustration, I was thinking: Alright, it seems that many window elements are repeatable. And then soon, I changed my mind.
Thanks to the wonderful photograph I found online, with the precise perspective and beautiful light, which made this process less pain. The duration of this work covered five-week class plus loads of out of class time.
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